Key Things to Help You Choose a Slot to Use Free Spins

Gamblers come to online casinos for bright emotions and big wins. Both depend on the correct choice of the activity. Of course, there are no video slots that will appeal to all players without exception. However, some factors affect the correct choice of slot machines that really win in the casino. Let’s look at them in detail.

The Payout Ratio

The first thing to pay attention to is the paytable. It contains the coefficients by which the bet will be multiplied if the player collects a combination of certain symbols. The higher the odds, the bigger the win. Choosing a slot with high odds, a gambler gets a chance to hit a big jackpot with the use of free spins for Canadian players.


The x5,000 indicator is considered to be large. It is found in many slots by Microgaming, NetEnt, and other providers. But there are also slots with a higher payout ratio. For example, the maximum payout value in some slots by Playtech is x10,000. It should be also considered that some video slots use dynamic paytables. Then the payout amount instead of the coefficient is indicated.


All slot machines have an RTP indicator. This characteristic demonstrates the average level of return to the player during a long gaming session. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the more money a gambler can win when playing the slot. The most advantageous slot machines have an RTP of 99{98d4e0bb3c3a213002534e250ac3d4c7eb07abea1a7b26ab0096cabac5198011}! A high rate of return is considered to be at the level of 97-98{98d4e0bb3c3a213002534e250ac3d4c7eb07abea1a7b26ab0096cabac5198011}. If the slot gives less than 95-96{98d4e0bb3c3a213002534e250ac3d4c7eb07abea1a7b26ab0096cabac5198011}, then you shouldn’t use it.

Progressive Jackpot

In most online slots, the maximum winnings are determined by the odds and additional multipliers, but some of the machines do not have such restrictions. These are progressive jackpot games. The prize fund in them is formed from the percent of players’ bets around the world and can grow indefinitely. The amounts of jackpots are mind-blowing: the largest cash payout is €18.9 million! This prize was hit at Mega Moolah, which was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records several times as the slot with the biggest winnings on the Internet. Perhaps, using your free spins in such games is the best investment.


When choosing a slot with large rewards, it is better to give preference to progressive jackpot slots. The fixed sums of instant jackpots are usually much less, however, such additional cash prizes are among the advantages of slot machines. For example, there is an interesting jackpot system that the provider Red Tiger managed to deploy. Since 2019, the company has been giving away daily and even hourly jackpots in its games!


So, what slots to choose for playing with the free spins you have received? The answer is not univocal. However, experienced gamblers are selective, taking into account the coefficients in the paytable, RTP, bonus features, etc. The combination of these factors allows you to win more often. Enjoy!

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